Pushing the Limits.

My 42 World Champion Titles:

  • 7 × PWA Wave World Champion 1990, 1992–1995, 1999, 2001
  • 12 × PWA Overall World Champion 1988–1999
  • 5 × PWA Course Racing World Champion 1990–1994
  • 5 × PWA Racing World Champion 1995–1999
  • 9 × PWA Slalom World Champion 1988–1994, 2005, 2011
  • 1 × PWA Freestyle World Champion 1998
  • 2 × ISA Speed World Champion 1994, 2005
  • 1 × ISWC Speed World Champion 2016


  • 66 podiums in world championships.
  • From 1986 till 2012 always on the podium.
  • 6 entries in the Guiness book of world records 2011.
  • First European who won a world cup on Hawaii.

With my 42 World Champion titles I’m the most successful athlete ever because: the stronger the wind, the higher the waves, the greater is my will to win.

When not on tour, you find me on Gran Canaria where I live with my wife Maria and my 4 kids (Alba, Liam, Martina & Daniel).

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“I’ve been working at this sport all my life,” Björn enthuses. “It’s my passion and I live for it everyday. If I go without windsurfing for more than a day I get itchy and can’t wait to get out there. I’m basically a sports fanatic. If I’m not on the water I’m snowboarding or I’m mountain biking – but I can’t go without windsurfing.”


Favourite Music

AC/DC, Offspring, Pearl Jam, Metallica


Favorite Food

Italian, Spanish, Sushi



Having fun and pushing my limits

My Surf Schools

Gran Canaria & Dutch Caribbean