Hey everybody,

I finally reached the 50 knots barrier on the speed strip day 11!!!! ;-)

The best result was 51.09 knots = 94,61 km/h on the 500 m strip, with top GPS speed of 99.02 km/h, so you see the 100 is very close now!!! ;-) )

I did it on my 44 cm wide Star Board with my 5.6 Severne Sail Reflex 3.

I would like to dedicate this achievement to my 11 days old son Daniel, my wife Maria, and my other three kids, Alba, Liam and Martina!!!

Thursday looks promising for strong wind again, keep your fingers crossed for 40 knots +++,  to get some more action!! ;-)

Also a big THX to the Luderitz Speed Challenge Team.

So long from Luderitz, Björn

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