Footage wanted

Are you a Windsurfer and like to sail fast?

For the production of my lifetime documentary for cinema that will be ready for mid 2022 we would like to introduce/ explain as well the concept of the GPS – Speedsurfing and the Dunkerbeck Speed Challenges.

In a section of about 5/6 minutes we would like to feature YOU in a great mix with other riders.

To show the variety and fun of this discipline we are highly interested in clips of you on the water (filmed onboard with your GoPro or from outside) with also a small introduction of yourself. (including: name, age, nationality and your favorite spot, short statement about the Challenges) PBs are also always good to know.

No matter if you are a pro, amateur, newcomer, best-ager, sailing on a lake…. all is interesting!

Please send your clip to Gerald Salmina

chef producer of this project


You can send the files via WeTransfer or also “My Air Bridge”

Thanks in advance for sending us your creative content, what for sure will motivate other windsurfers!

See you on the water
Björn Dunkerbeck

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