Gran Canaria Dunkerbeck GPS Speed Challenge

For the fith time in a row

Dunkerbeck Speed Challenge goes to the Defi Wind

Gran Canaria Dunkerbeck GPS Speed Challenge

The Defi Wind is the world’s biggest windsurf event and basicly a MUST on every windsurfers agenda.  During all Defi Races will be held the Gran Canaria Dunkerbeck GPS Speed Challenge.

If you can’t make it this year to Gruissan/ France to join the Defi, you can take part in the global edition of the Gran Canaria Dunkerbeck GPS Speed Challenge on Every registered windsurf spot is valid.

Just switch on your GPS, go to the water and sail as fast as you can.

The winner will be the sailor with the fastes 500m sailed during the weekend of the Defi Wind (30.05.-02.06.19) and posted till 03.06.19 24.00h (GMT)

This year Severne Sails will prepare awesome goodies for the 3 fastest man & woman.

Our goal is it to make the Defi Wind even bigger and greater than the 1400 entries in Gruissan. Let‘s help to grow and promote Windsurfing.

Why Gran Canaria?

Gran Canaria  is sponsoring the Challenge in the Challenge since the beginning- since 5 years. The island is home spot of various windsurfing world champions like the Moreno Twins (together 28 world titles), Philip Köster (4 w.titles), Britt (17 w.titles) & Björn (42 world titles) Dunkerbeck.

Gran Canaria is the windiest of the seven Canary Islands in the Atlantic 100 km from the morocco coastline. With proper and constant trade winds from end of march till beginning of September GC gives almost a wind garanty – 85% days of sailing with 20 knots of wind and more.

With its round shape and high mountains in the middle, the island provides great Watersport conditions for surf, windsurf, kitesurf, sup and diving for all level, all the year round.

Watersport fans should know about it and that’s why Gran Canaria supports the event and the sport.

Gran Canaria Dunkerbeck

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