GRAN CANARIA Dunkerbeck Speed Challenge final report


 More than 250 registered riders 

from 21 different countries-  these are more than enough arguments to consider the Gran Canaria Dunkerbeck Speed Challenge 2020 the most important virtual event worldwide.

Holland being the country with the most registrations, doubling the German participants, which is the second country with the highest number of registered and in third place Sweden. Also riders from Australia, USA or Namibia inscribed for the event.

 GRAN CANARIA Dunkerbeck Speed Challenge in facts: 

  • almost 300 subscribers
  • PWA Sailors in the Top 10
  • 21 different Nations (from USA, Afrika, Europe and Australia)
  • 27 woman
  • age range fom 10 till 76 years
  • 15 Juniors under 18


 Record Times 

impressive 48.16 knots (av. on 250m)! That are nothing more and nothing less than 89.19km/h – the mark of the Belgian Vincent Valkenaers, winner of the event and the second period and with which he managed to break the draw he had with the Dutch Hans Kreisel, winner of the first period. Both riders are part of the world elite of the speed discipline and are regulars on the Luderizt canal, third place went to the Dutchman Jacques van der Hout.

In the women’s category, won the clear favorite Heidi Ulrich from Switzerland with a speed of 39.04 knots. The newcomer Kirsten Baas from the Netherlands who won the first period with 34.19 knots made it not as easy for Heidi.

 Gran Canaria Dunkerbeck Speed Challenge Overall Winner 

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 66 years difference between the oldest and youngest! 

Eugen Dunkerbeck the oldest rider with 76 years old who was the winner of the ULTIMATE ranking, In turn Julian Koldeweid from the Netherlands, with only 10 years old became the youngest participant and won his category.

This is a clear proof that in speed windsurfing there is no age limitation, a discipline in which grandparents can compete against their grandchildren and spend time together in the water.

dunkerbeck 3 generations

 We are really stoked about the great variety 

of sailors and the achieved speeds and we are looking forward tho the the next edition of the DUNKERBECK SPEED CHALLENGE coming up from the 01.11. let’s keep pushing!

Speedsurfing is for every windsurfer- no matter the spot, the gear, the age or wether you are professional or amateur as long as you enjoy it and feel the need for speed! Keep the spirit up and feel the sensation of going faster and faster.

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